Study Packages and Distance learning had been there even before the Internet Era. 21st Century saw a rapid pace in which computers conquered the Desks and were plugged in with Internet. more and more fibre optic cables were cob-webbed on the sea floors.

Beginning of the last decade saw emails in the pockets in the shape of Blackberry. But until the mushrooming of large screen sized smart phones and tabs in 2015, with 3G, 4G and now 5G, e-conferencing was the affair of Big Corporate and cross border conferences only.

Technology was already there for 4-5 years but the need for e-meetings wasn’t felt until the evils of Human- to –Human interaction and socialization astonished all the mankind in 2020. Because it has been a pleasant and productive experience meeting people and socializing in different forms.

“Man is a Social Animal”

But this has already left its effects and even if things return back to normal which seems not to happen completely, it shall have its after-effects.

The New-Normal is here: The benefits of vast learning resources stashed in the servers and Data centres have been realized and already put to use in the form of in-formal and casual education and recently in the form of Online Certifications. Now even if we distance ourselves from Social-distancing Meeting and mingling with people with the same warmth will never be the same again. The hesitation will be deep engraved into the stone of Physical Human interactions. Distancing will leave dark marks. Classrooms are never going to be the same again. SMART CLASSES, recorded audio-visuals have been already fancied. Digitalization was already sought for.